Black Dog

Black Dog
101 Cider House

4.0 1 rating
6.9% Dry
Charcoal Blood Orange Lavender
Added: November, 2018

This is the world's first black cider, a 101 Cider House original. Handcrafted with juicy blood oranges, and a cold infusion of freshly picked lavender. We concoct a refreshing herbal citrus punch, before blending in activated charcoal derived from tropical coconuts. The result is velvety smooth black magic, loaded with the world's most potent detoxifying ingredient. Your body will thank you.


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November, 2018
723 ratings
Dry Bottle Still

Super crazy, weird and unique. This probiotic cider is sour, and blends a bunch of flavors. It was supposed to be a black color, but we didn't know we were supposed to shake the bottle until we had already poured it. If you haven't tried a sour cider before, approach with caution.