ci·der nerd
/ˈsīdər nərd/
1. a single minded expert in the alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit

Cider Nerd is a project of passion for me. Hard cider is my favorite thing to drink, and I love trying as many new ciders as possible. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, and that move immediately made hundreds of different ciders available to me. I was trying new ciders almost on a daily basis at one point.

This specific project started with my personal spreadsheet where I recorded every cider I tried and gave each a rating. That spreadsheet had almost 500 ciders on it at the point that I decided to build this site instead.

Since Cider Nerd is new and under development, there are a lot of features missing. I know. I'm working hard to add new features all the time and make the site look and function great. I have big plans for Cider Nerd. I would love to hear from you about what features you would like to see most on Cider Nerd.

I really hope this project hits home for cider lovers. My goal is to make it the best place to rate, review and find hard ciders.


1. What sets Cider Nerd apart from other similar sites/apps?

One of my initial goals was to build a site that focuses on the perceived sweetness of ciders. Most ciders will label their cans or bottles with "sweet" or "dry", or maybe they will list the brix or residual sugar level. That's fine, but most consumers of cider are not going to look at that and know what they are getting into. The ratings on Cider Nerd include a rating on the sweetness scale, and that is averaged across all ratings to show how sweet consumers think cider is on average. So even though that bottle says dry, consumers might perceive it as actually being sweet, and that helps everyone know what kind of cider they are about to drink.

2. Who created Cider Nerd?

My name is Nick Ortakales. I'm a cider drinker, software developer and father that hails from the Seattle, WA area. Cider Nerd is entirely created, run and funded by me.

3. Can I delete my account?

Yes, though not currently through the site. Just email me at cidernerd@gmail.com and I'll take care of that for you.

Privacy Policy

We have a very simple privacy policy:
  • We will never sell or give your private information to anyone.
  • We only store a cookie in order to keep you logged in. If you don't want that cookie stored, don't select "remember me" when logging in.
  • You can delete your account and all of your data at any time by sending an email to cidernerd@gmail.com.
  • You can request to see all of your data at any time by sending an email to cidernerd@gmail.com.
  • Your data is encrypted and stored using industry standard technology.
  • Information seen on your profile page is public and visible to anyone.

Upcoming Features

  • Cider recommendations based on ciders you like
  • Cider locator - Find ciders available near you and cideries in your region
  • Track flavor profiles in reviews like spiciness, tartness, aroma, earthiness, etc
  • Notifications when a cidery you like releases a new cider
  • Events calendar for tap takeovers, cider release parties and other cider events
  • Moderation tools for cideries - update photos and descriptions for your company's own cider
  • Ciders and cideries addable by users

Change Log


  • Initial version finally reaching the Apple App Store
  • Don't show back button on home screen of the app
  • Added App Store link to About page


  • Fixed bug where review images might display sideways


  • Fixed bug preventing upload of image files over 2MB


  • Added a bunch of new flavor tags


  • Addition of FAQ, privacy policy, upcoming features and change log to the About page