Tieton Cider Works

4.0 1 rating
6.9% Dry Semi-dry
Added: February, 2024

This single varietal cider is made with 100% cider apples grown in apple country, USA. Winesap apples are an heirloom fruit that date back to colonial times. A versatile apple with a long shelf life, it's great for eating, cooking and especially cidermaking.

Known for it's signature wine and spice-like flavor this deep cherry red-skinned apple provides juice that is bright and quite aromatic with a slightly sweet and tangy finish.


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February, 2024
720 ratings
Dry Can Medium carbonation

This seems like a really complex cider. Some sips had an interesting smoky flavor. Some sips tasted very earthy. It's definitely on the dryer side. A little bitter at times, but still full of flavor. It's pretty unique.