Stonewell Dry Cider

Stonewell Dry Cider
Stonewell Cider

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5.5% Dry
Added: April, 2019

A classic premium Irish cider that draws on the tannic bittersweet heritage of Dabinett & Michelin apple varieties grown in Laois and Waterford orchards. Crisp, puckering with a gentle astringency softened by the fresh eating apple juice used to back sweeten complete the cider; if your palate veers to the dry, this is the one for you.

The Michelin and Dabinett apple varieties are delivered into us in mid-October. Having been mechanically harvested they require a strong wash and vigilant sorting to ensure we secure a fresh juice of the best quality possible. We use a specific champagne yeast to ferment this juice with the aim of encouraging the best flavour characteristics to come to the fore during the fermentation process.


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April, 2019
714 ratings
Dry Bottle

Kind of like Stella cider, but with a weird (not bad) taste I couldn't quite put my finger on.