Dry Fuji

Dry Fuji
Sonoma Cider

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6.5% Dry
Added: January, 2018

From Sonoma - I've always loved the simplicity and specialness of champagne. Dry, crisp and yeasty, good Champagne reminds me of freshly baked bread - the kind that you savor with all your senses. The cider in this bottle is the culmination of my two greatest loves (besides my wife, of course) - champagne and cider. My Dry Fuji Reserve takes what I consider to be the perfect apple variety and combines it with the ideal yeast strain (I tried over 30 before I got what I was looking for). I finish it off by aging in French oak barrels, yielding rounded, softer edges and a balance of French oak and fresh fruit forward organic Fuji apples.


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April, 2018
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