Seattle Cider

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8.4% Medium
Added: July, 2021

At 8.4% ABV and 2.6 Brix, Odyssey boldly ventures into higher ABV territory while expertly interweaving the incomparable taste of Washington apples and packing just the right amount of sweetness.

Odyssey’s journey starts with Seattle Cider Co’s custom blend of Washington apples and finishes with broad notes of warm brown sugar and crisp apple. Undeniably fruit forward on the nose, with stone fruit, apple and cantaloupe at first sip. This bold, semi sweet 8.4% ABV cider is approachable, medium bodied, and perfect for any adventure.


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July, 2021
720 ratings
Medium Can Slightly carbonated

Pretty good standard cider. Similar to Schilling Excelsior, but not as sharp.