Light Cider

Light Cider
Seattle Cider

5.0 1 rating
4.2% Medium
Added: August, 2023

Crisp, refreshing, and satisfying, Light Cider is the modern definition of drinkability. At 98 calories and 4.2% ABV, Light Cider packs an exhilarating apple flavor in every 12 oz can. Uncompromising on quality, unparalleled in taste, Light Cider was crafted from our favorite ingredient, fresh pressed Washington apples! All that flavor, from whole apples? Crazy, we know.


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August, 2023
720 ratings
Medium Can Medium carbonation

I went into this one not wanting to like it just because it is a "light" cider, but it surprised me. Full of flavor like their Semi-sweet cider, but not quite as metallic tasting.