Mango Supernova

Mango Supernova

4.0 1 rating
9.1% Sweet
Mango Lime
Added: February, 2022

Space: The Final Frontier! Schilling Cider’s mission has always been to boldly go where no cider has gone before, constantly searching the cosmos for the finest ingredients. With this goal in mind, the crew on Starship Schilling set off to complete their mission: EXCELSIOR MANGO SUPERNOVA!

First, the Schilling Cider crew landed on the galaxy’s greatest grove of sun-kissed mangoes, which paired perfectly with Pacific Northwest-grown apples and European heirloom cider fruit. Next, they took a juicy jaunt in search of luscious limes for the perfect pinch of zest. Finally, our star trekkers blasted off to deep space 9.1% abv to create Excelsior MANGO, the next step on the Excelsior interplanetary journey.

These are the stories of Starship Schilling.


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February, 2022
720 ratings
Sweet Can Medium carbonation

Pretty similar to the regular Excelsior, but with some mango for added sweetness and a slight touch of lime