Local Legend

Local Legend

5.0 1 rating
5.2% Sweet Semi-sweet
Added: June, 2020

Salutations, semi-sweet seekers. This isn’t a hoax. The rumors are true. The Local Legend has been sighted - tasting is believing. After years of safe-guarding and fine-tuning secret family recipes, I am ready to reveal my latest creation. No longer elusive, the perfect harmony of dry and sweet is in your hands. A cider that is as refreshing as a cool mountain creek and doesn’t miss a beat. There may be other ciders in the wild, but this Local Legend is worthy of its name. Just like a Sasquatch, this cider is always waiting to be discovered. If you are a believer, come find me in the woods.


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September, 2020
724 ratings
Sweet Can Medium carbonation

This is a fairly sweet cider. Pretty basic, no tricks, but packs a lot of flavor. It was really good with some steamed dumplings.