Big Zesty

Big Zesty

4.5 2 ratings
6.9% Very Sweet
Seasonal Lemon Guava
Added: July, 2021

To all you sunset-seekers, get-outta-towners and relaxed rendezvousers, welcome to the Zest Coast - this cider is for you!

Home of the ultimate partyin’, good-time-havin’, beach-vibin’ Koala: me - Big Zesty. This cider is the real peel, the perfect harmony of sweet guava nectar and tangy lemon juice.

Don’t worry, be happy, because a simple sip of this tropical paradise can transport anyone to my island lifestyle. Here we can koozie up for some koala-ty time.

Take it from me and live your zest life, there is sunshine in every can.

So, squeeze the day, let the good tides roll because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.


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July, 2021
720 ratings
Very Sweet Can Slightly carbonated

This makes for a really great summer drink. It's not quite as light as I was hoping, so I don't think it would be easy to drink a ton of these on a summer day and feel refreshed., but it's really good if you're having just one.
September, 2021
2 ratings

Sweet, tasty cider! Perfect for summer evenings on the patio with friends