Lemon-Lime Ciderade

Lemon-Lime Ciderade
Portland Cider Company

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4.0% Medium
Lemon Lime
Added: January, 2021

Rejuvenation & relaxation in a glass! Brightened by freshly squeezed lemons and limes and made with 100% NW apples, this refreshing light cider replenishes you with electrolytes sourced from sea salt harvested in Netarts Bay along the Oregon coast by Jacobsen Salt Company.


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January, 2021
720 ratings
Medium Can Slightly carbonated

This really surprised me. I kind of expected to get punched in the face with lemon-lime tartness, but instead it is a really light and refreshing cider with just hints of lemon and lime. This is practically as drinkable as water, great for all day summer drinking sessions.