Strawberry Rosé

Strawberry Rosé
One Tree

2.0 1 rating
6.8% Sweet
Strawberry Grape Rosé
Added: May, 2019

Pinkies up! You are about to taste the most classiest, fanciest, sophisticated-est cider we have ever concocted, Strawberry Rosé! An elegant blend of Washington apples, strawberry purée and a touch of Syrah grapes. Now get out those wine glasses, pour the cider & put your pinkies up into the air!


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May, 2019
714 ratings
Sweet Bottle Medium carbonation

I taste more grape than the strawberry after which this cider is named. The initial sweetness subsides for bitterness and a hint of chemicals or some other unpleasant flavor. Actually improves a bit the more you drink, but hard to get past the initial sips. Appears to be unfiltered with a lot of haziness towards the bottom of the bottle.