St. Paddy's Pressed

St. Paddy's Pressed
One Tree

4.0 1 rating
6.8% Sweet
Seasonal Glitter
Added: March, 2024

Feast yer eyes on our St Paddy's Pressed Hard Cider - a nectar so divine it whispers tales of leprechauns in every sip and that glitter glimmer is like a pot of liquid gold at the end of the rainbow. Take a swig and you'll be toasting to good luck, laughter, and a wee bit of mischief. It's the embodiment of Irish magic in every drop. So grab a glass, savor the sparkle, and let the Irish spirits flow! Slainte!


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March, 2024
720 ratings
Sweet Can Slightly carbonated

Pretty similar to Snow Globe, but without the spiced and fruity flavors, just straight up apple