One Tree

5.0 1 rating
5.2% Semi-sweet
Lime Mint Jalapeno
Added: April, 2024

Its just fun to say: moe-hee-toe. We've tapped into Latin culture and crafted a NW spin on a Cuban classic for a deliciously refreshing, salsa dance- inducing hard cider. Lime, mint and a hint of jalapeno make this cider more than muy bueno. So crack open a can and shake your booty. Just don't shake the can. That could get messy.


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April, 2024
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Can Slightly carbonated

Surprisingly does not taste similar to other One Tree ciders, which have a distinct sweetness to them usually. This one is straight up mojito, with some jalapeno thrown in. The jalapeno seems quite noticeable, so beware if that isn't your thing. It isn't spicy though.