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Fresh Hop
Misfit Island Cider Company

3.5 2 ratings
6.9% Dry
Added: July, 2023

Please enjoy my offering into the world of fresh hops. Fresh hops is the use of a hop immediately after being harvested, this was harvested in Yakima from Perrault farms, driven back to Whidbey island, and added to a hazy cider. We have both a Mosaic and a Simcoe Cider this year. Deep hop notes, green grass, slight bitterness in the mosaic, with some candy sweetness in the simcoe.


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April, 2024
2 ratings

Hop Forward - tastes like an IPA in cider form.
July, 2023
720 ratings
Dry Draft/Keg Still

Mostly sour with a touch of hopiness