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Coffee Lover
Misfit Island Cider Company

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6.9% Dry
Added: July, 2023

You can’t be from Washington without having some coffee running through your blood. As a lover of coffee, I made for you an Espresso Infused Coffee using beans from Mukilteo Coffee Roasters, just down the road from our production space. I used the Monorail Espresso beans, and soaked them for 2 weeks prior to bottling. I used an Ale yeast, and added some Lactose sugar at the end for some body a little sweetness and a soft milk flavor.


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July, 2023
720 ratings
Dry Draft/Keg Slightly carbonated

I have yet to find a coffee cider that I really like and this was no exception. It was fairly sour like the other Misfit Island ciders, but also the coffee was more on the burnt side than what I'd hope for. You'd want the sweeter coffee notes in the cider.