Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee
Locust Cider

2.0 1 rating
6.3% Semi-sweet
Added: September, 2023

A surprisingly balanced hard cider featuring Cutters Point Cold Brew Coffee (a blend of Colombian, Ethiopian and Nicaraguan beans) and cider made from WA apples. The collaboration is coffee forward with notes of toasted mallow, baker's chocolate, amaretto, and light spice balanced with hazelnut and vanilla for a super smooth finish


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September, 2023
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Can Still

This one is super weird. You need to go into expecting coffee, and getting some cider with it. Don't expect cider with a hint of coffee. That's how I approached the first couple cans, and I could not even make it through them. Then I read the description of the cider, and changed my perspective, and it wasn't so bad. Paired well with some chocolate actually.