Harvest Apple

Harvest Apple
Julian Hard Cider

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6.9% Dry
Added: January, 2018

From Julian - Once upon a time in America, hard cider was plentiful throughout the colonies, and the preferred alcoholic beverage of the working class. From the farmhouse to the White House, hard cider was the most democratic of refreshments, enjoyed daily by citizens of all walks of life. Damned for its popularity in the 1800s, and outlawed by Congress in the 1900s, the once-abundant orchards of our founding fathers fell to the axes of the Temperance Movement, and the hard cider tradition in America was lost and forgotten. With ingredients harvested from sustainable American farms, using only fresh-pressed juice from handpicked apples and an uncompromising focus on quality, we have crafted a libation to rekindle America's passion for hard cider. One taste of our 100% natural premium hard cider, and you will experience why Julian Hard Cider is "America to the core".


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January, 2018
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