Summit Saison

Summit Saison

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6.5% Semi-sweet
Added: January, 2018

Just a handful of years ago artisanal cider was hard to find and often misunderstood. In an effort to highlight the exciting emergence of the American cider renaissance, Cider Summit was born in 2010 in Seattle. Over the next several years the event expanded to four cities across the country and has since introduced thousands of adventurous cider lovers to the varied possibilities of the finely fermented apple. Finnriver is proud to have been among the earliest supporters of Cider Summit, and together we have created this special release cider to accompany the Cider Summit events and to enhance cider gatherings wherever they may be. Our Saison-style Cider expands upon traditional cidermaking with the use of a classic Saison ale yeast. This creates a silky body and a subtle, spicy character. Enjoy with fresh fruit, farmhouse cheeses and cider celebrations of all kinds. Cheers!


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March, 2018
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle

Yeast flavor