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9.0% Dry Semi-dry
Added: June, 2020

Offers a deep sense of leather and apples, with baking spice and warm fruit and a mouth-filling tannic chewiness that finishes dry.

This cider is the first of our ‘traveling,’ estate-based bottles that feature cider apples grown at local orchards we love. The apples in this release come from a single orchard in Quilcene, WA called Vista Ridge and this fermentation features their first significant harvest of bittersweets and bittersharps. With indigenous yeast naturally present in the fruit, and a bottle conditioned bubble, this cider is a superb taste of place and of the elements of the Olympic Peninsula.


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January, 2021
714 ratings
Dry Bottle Highly carbonated

Hard to describe. It's different than most ciders. This would pair really well with sautéed mushrooms or other earthy foods.