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Added: January, 2018

A Spanish style cider fermented with open head space in the tank allowing exposure to oxygen, which promotes the wild vinegar bacteria that provide the pungent acetic nose these ciders are famous for. This cider carries an acidity from tart culinary apples and a finishing astringency from a touch of oak. Fermented with oak and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

This cider begins with aromas of unripened olives up front, offers slightly briny notes on the mid palate, and then finishes with gentle nuances of bitter oak and pine needles. Cloudy in the bottle and the keg, the Spanish generally take their cider un-carbonated and at room temperature; we bend a little and give this a gentle bubble while allowing the lees to persist and deepen the nutty bitterness.


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January, 2018
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