Shaded Stream

Shaded Stream

2.0 1 rating
6.5% Semi-sweet
Elderberry Elderflower
Added: June, 2020

Smells of barrel and graphite and nectar, mingled with vinous overtones of mature cider. Sharp on the palate initially and rounded by the wild blue elderberry. Fruity, woody, and smooth.

This cider is part of our “Pollinator series,” honoring our partnerships with local organizations who share a commitment to the land that sustains us. The Shaded Stream highlights the mission of the North Olympic Salmon Coalition, which works to maintain healthy salmon habitats in our region. We aimed to invoke the riparian flavor of a shaded creek. This cider aged on Western Red Cedar staves for two months, and was then infused with blue and black elderberries and elder flowers. Tree, flower, and fruit fermented together to celebrate healthy streams.


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July, 2020
694 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle Medium carbonation

Extremely flowery, slightly earthy and a yeasty aftertaste. This one's not for the normal cider drinker.