Raspberry Wine

Raspberry Wine

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18.5% Very Sweet
Raspberry Wine
Added: September, 2019

Ripe, red raspberry swirls into the brandy vapors and offers a clean delivery of the summer’s fresh harvest. Flavor spreads across the palate. A little tart, a little sweet, a little amazing.

Serve just a few ounces at room temperature in an elegant cordial glass. Delightful drizzled on ice cream or baked into a sumptuous dessert. Add to a vinaigrette for a succulent salad dressing. Add a dash to a dry sparkling cider for a romantic “Love & Bubbles” cocktail.

Raspberry wine is fermented from organic raspberry juice. The whole fruit raspberries are digested by pectic enzymes and the resulting mash is lightly fermented. Fermentation is halted by the addition of apple brandy, custom-distilled for Finnriver by Admiralty. Back sweetened to taste.


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September, 2019
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Very Sweet Bottle Still

Finnriver has done something absolutely incredible with their line of apple wines. This one in particular punches you in the face with sweet and slightly tart raspberry flavor, and remains smooth and and surprisingly light for being 18.5% ABV. I've never tried it on ice cream, but I bet it would be amazing as a topping.