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Rain Shadow Fire

5.0 1 rating
6.5% Semi-sweet
Added: June, 2020

Strong notes of herbaceous licorice, sparkling spice of golden ghost (be careful smelling this one) and the undercurrent of crisp clean cider. Fresh and tart green apple balancing the greenery.

This is a walking medley of cider. Bright, sharp, herbaceous and deep, spicy and slightly sweet. I enjoy the concept of the rain shadow- the bit of dry heat surrounded by cool rain. Mountains wet and high plains dry and hot.


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July, 2020
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle Slightly carbonated

This is my new favorite cider. In order of flavor prominence: habanero, basil, then rhubarb. All 3 of these are some of my favorite cider flavors and together they taste great. The bottle mentions this being a good winter warmer, but with it still being sweet and fruity I think it can be great throughout the year.