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18.5% Dry Very Dry
Added: May, 2019

Bright and clear, with a beautiful amber color and a rich range of aromas. Notes of bright, fresh apple followed by butterscotch and caramel, with a deep hint of vanilla. Anchored by the oak with subtle flavors of stewed apple, dried fruit and honeyed fullness.

Drink Pommeau at 50° F to fully enjoy its roundness, lightness and authenticity. Pommeau is perfect as an aperitif and pairs well with paté, bleu cheese, apple desserts and melon.

Our 100 proof apple brandy, distilled from our cider made with organic PNW apples, is first aged for two months in American oak. The Fall apple harvest comes in and the must, or fresh unfermented juice, is then blended with the brandy in the barrel. The 20% abv mixture continues to mature in the barrel for approximately two years. Our Pommeau brings out the diamond in the rough, revealing the sumptuous elegance within the apple, while a whispy haze harkens to the rustic farm roots of this method.


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May, 2019
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Dry Bottle Still

I've had a couple bottles of this over the years and I can never quite get past how similar it is to drinking brandy or maybe whiskey. It's not as sweet as other pommeaus, ice wines or dessert wines which is disappointing. It's not good at room temperature for sure, it is much better chilled.