Honey Meadow

Honey Meadow

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6.5% Semi-sweet
Honey Dandelion Burdock Chamomile Seasonal
Added: May, 2018

For the Honey Meadow, we take our fermented cider, sweeten it with local organic honey and then infuse it with lemon balm collected from local meadows and a dash of chamomile. Light and crisp, this cider is blended with a custom-crafted seasonal blend of spring burdock and dandelion syrup, chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaves, and a touch of local, organic honey. Burdock and dandelion roots are dried and roasted (in the farm’s woodfired oven) and then boiled into a house made sugar syrup. Lightly carbonated. Contains no gluten ingredients.

Honey Meadow ushers us into spring with distinct floral notes and wandering hints of greenery. This cider offers a light, bright taste of the flowering, green fields of spring. Honey from local hives offers a warm sweetness and depth. This floral, earthy nectar sips like a fine, fermented spring tea.


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April, 2019
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Semi-sweet Can Slightly carbonated

Not too sweet despite the honey flavor. Flowery, but not overpoweringly so.