Forest Ginger

Forest Ginger

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6.5% Semi-sweet
Fir Ginger Seasonal
Added: January, 2018

Our botanical ciders share the earthly essence of life in the fields and forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Small batch seasonal production featuring cider fermented on the farm using 100% organic apple juice pressed from Washington apples. We ferment the juice to dry and then steep with locally harvested Doug Fir and Grand Fir needles (our kids get paid $5 per bag to collect from the forest around the farm). We then infuse with organic ginger and sweeten with unrefined organic cane sugar for added depth and balance. Lightly carbonated. Contains no gluten ingredients.

Bright apple fruit infused with the crisp, forest flavors of fir trees. Tangy, tree tones with warm spice from the ginger. Tastes like a walk in the woods on a warm day!


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November, 2018
723 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle Slightly carbonated

I'm not a fan of ginger, but this cider is exceptional! Not much ginger flavor.