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Field of Hay

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6.5% Semi-dry Dry
Added: November, 2021

This cider is a complement to the farmer, the maker of hay bales, the stewards of the valley. In this particular cider the hay came from Center Valley grown and harvested by Keith Kisler. There is much history of using straw and hay as a “cloth” in the apple press (search rack and cloth press) to make cider. Harkening back to this methodology the cider was run through a very “fresh from the field” hay bale composed of a mixed assemblage of pasture species. The cider is crisp and refreshing and earthy and like walking through a field of fresh cut hay.


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November, 2021
720 ratings
Semi-dry Bottle Slightly carbonated

Earthy, but not as earthy as some of the other pollinator series ciders, which makes it a bit better