Farmstead Cider

Farmstead Cider

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6.5% Semi-dry Medium
Added: January, 2018

Inspired by World Apple Day in October, we invite friends and neighbors to bring their bruised, bitter and bizarre apples to the farm to add to the bins. We then press and ferment this medley of fruit, and slightly sweeten to balance acidity and tannins. We conduct three different ferments with three different yeast strains to harvest subtleties from each and combine together for a cloudy yet clean farmhouse cider. Sweetened with organic cane sugar. This cider is lightly filtered to maintain rustic character and earthy finish. Lightly carbonated. A portion of proceeds is donated back to local charities.

An earthy, amber-colored cider with an aroma of warm bread and sweet apple. Offers a rustic taste of the ripe orchard and hearty homestead cider tradition. Nutty with a sharp acidity that balances a gentle tannic finish. Unfiltered lees lend body to this cider.


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Semi-dry Bottle Slightly carbonated