Crew Cider Selection - Winter Ruby Cider

Crew Cider Selection - Winter Ruby Cider

4.0 1 rating
6.5% Semi-dry
Cranberry Vanilla
Added: May, 2018

Heavenly vanilla wood notes with a clear fruited undertones. Brightly tart, cranberry straight away, vanilla to wrap all the senses and the woody astringent oak to keep it all grounded.

A deep winter channeling of the sugar plum fairies led me down the ethereal path. Mind-bending cranberries tempered with the oaken vanilla to balance the walk among the dreams of winter. The cider in this year’s batch is a glorious blend of high acid golden russet cider grown in an Ashland Oregon orchard, blended with a gentle balance of local Chimacum fruit, aged together with cranberry juice, a stave or two of toasted oak, and just the lightest touch of organic Mexican vanilla extract.


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April, 2019
720 ratings
Semi-dry Bottle Slightly carbonated

Dry and tart. Cranberry flavor is great but the vanilla doesn't fit very well. Goes well with chocolate!