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Crew Cider Selection - Saskaronia

2.0 1 rating
6.5% Semi-sweet Semi-dry
Sour Saskatoon Berry Aronia Berry
Added: July, 2021

This cider is a deep infusion of unpopular berries that pack a great deal of flavor. Spontaneously fermented the wild yeast (from the berries?) bring depth and wine like character while the Saskatoon berries from Methow Fruit are earthy, with a leathery and raisin like character, the locally grown aronia berries bring a tannic body that crafts the pithy finish. A touch of oak chips, and a bit of gratitude to the growers and the microbes and this sour is a balanced yet fruity dry cider.


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July, 2021
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle Slightly carbonated

Tasted like a typical sour with lots of yeast aftertaste. Didn't actually taste any berry flavors.