Crew Cider Selection - Plum Cyser

Crew Cider Selection - Plum Cyser

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6.5% Semi-dry
Plum Peach Honey
Added: January, 2018

A sour cider inspired by friends at Brouwer's. Tonnemaker Hill Farms organic plums, a touch of peach, honey, wild and cultured bacteria.

Crafting a bottle of Finnriver is an act of community. Inspired by our vision for serving the land with cider, we enjoy camaraderie and purposeful work. Sometimes we fall in love with an idea, an apple, a yeast, a barrel, or a combination of these elements. The Crew Cider Selections arise from this inspiration. Proceeds from these special micro-batch ciders directly benefit the crew members that dreamed them up. We hope you enjoy this offering from our hearts.


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March, 2018
720 ratings
Semi-dry Bottle