Black Currant Brandywine

Black Currant Brandywine

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19.5% Very Sweet
Black Currant Wine
Added: January, 2022

AROMA & FLAVOR: Bright apple brandy carries the earthy depth of the black currant. Sumptuous, thick, tart and full of rich, ripe flavor.

FRUIT VARIETIES: Brandy is distilled from cider made with organic Washington dessert apples, primarily high-acid varieties such as heirloom Granny Smith. Organic and/or regional black currants sourced.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: Lightly fermented Black Currant Wine captures the ripe intensity of the fruit. Fermentation is halted by the addition of apple brandy, custom-distilled for Finnriver by Admiralty. Back sweetened to taste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: A few ounces in a cordial cup, at room temperature, is a rich delight. Lovely paired with dessert or as dessert itself. Add a splash to sparkling cider or wine for a Kir Royale variation. Drizzle on ice cream, use in baking or mix in a vinaigrette.


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January, 2022
720 ratings
Very Sweet Bottle Still

This is by far one of Finnriver's best brandywines and best ciders. I haven't tried it on top of ice cream yet, but I really need to because I think it would be killer.