Autumn's Blush

Autumn's Blush

4.0 1 rating
6.5% Semi-sweet
Black Currant
Added: September, 2018

This is a cider to blend the lines between trees and vines. Farmcrafted and fermented with organic fruits and Washington state apples, to delight and refresh. Crisp undaunted acidity, layered earth tones, and a lighthearted sweetness to bring it all together. The beauty of autumn arises when the apples make their final push, soaking up the last of the summer sun and taking the color to heart. The orchard blushes with the promise of the harvest to come...


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April, 2019
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Draft/Keg Medium carbonation

Not a typical rose. No flowery taste like most roses. Crisp and slightly tart. Tasted at Seattle Cider Summit 2018. Update: Equally as delicious from a bottle.