Columbia Crabapple Cider

Columbia Crabapple Cider
Dragon's Head

4.0 1 rating
6.7% Dry
Added: January, 2018

At Dragon’s Head Cider, we have a history of working with crabapples, coaxing these high acid, boldly flavored fruits into lovely fermented beverages. The Columbia Crabapple is our latest foray into the world of producing cider with crabapples, and it makes a bold statement. Dragon’s Head is known for producing dry ciders, and this cider is sweeter than any other we have produced before. The sweetness is countered by the tartness of the crabapple, producing a flavorful delight to the palate. While this cider drinks nicely on it’s own, we also find ourselves particularly inspired by it to create new and lovely cider cocktails.


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January, 2018
724 ratings

Had a slight bitterness to it