Golden Delish

Golden Delish
Avid Cider Co.

4.0 1 rating
8.5% Semi-sweet
Added: April, 2024

Cider purists: gather ‘round for an absolute classic. AVID Golden Delish Imperial focuses on the same traits everyone adores about a hard apple cider—the crisp edge, the shiny mouthfeel, and the air of sweetness that lingers long enough to round out the apple finish. Blonde in color and bright as a new penny, this cider is bound to be your go-to any time of year. But the Golden Delish Imperial really works its magic while you are casting a fly rod, kicking back in a lawn chair, or after conquering a new trailhead.


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April, 2024
720 ratings
Semi-sweet Can Medium carbonation

Huge apple flavor. Not used to so much apple flavor with so many flavored ciders lately.