Blackberry Cider

Blackberry Cider
Avid Cider Co.

4.0 2 ratings
6.2% Sweet Dry
Blackberry Black Currant
Added: January, 2018

Oregon has a state flag, song, flower, and this my friends is our nomination for a state cider. A deep hue of purple fills the glass as we took zero short-cuts with this fine blend of blackberries and black currants. The tartness of the blackberries is rounded out by the complex characteristics of the black currant. Filled with tannins the cider leaves a delightful dry and rich finish. Cheers to northwest berries.


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April, 2018
13 ratings
Sweet Draft/Keg Medium carbonation
March, 2018
720 ratings
Sweet Draft/Keg Slightly carbonated

Tart, better than other blackberry flavors