Humbler Cider 2016

Humbler Cider 2016

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7.2% Dry
Added: November, 2019

This cider is made from foraged apples from the western side of the Willamette Valley known to locals as the West Valley. The fruit comes from old unsprayed wild or abandoned apple trees found along creeks, rivers and old original homestead orchards. The apples are picked and held in a cooler for 3-4 weeks to concentrate slightly prior to milling. The apples are then milled, pressed and allowed to ferment naturally with ambient yeast. Toward the end of fermentation the cider is blended together and bottled with some of the apple’s natural sugar still remaining. The cider continues to ferment in bottle resulting in a light carbonation. This method of carbonating the cider is called the “Ancestral method” or pétillant naturel. The cider is fermented using natural yeasts, and adding absolutely nothing to the cider. No added sulfur, no added acid, no forced carbonation and no added sugar. The only thing added to this cider is apples. The result is a rustic farmhouse styled cider with floral notes, yeasty funkiness, and citrus on the nose. Once in the mouth it has a rich balance of light carbonation, acid, tannins, and a touch of sweet citrus fruit. Cheers!


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November, 2019
714 ratings
Dry Bottle Slightly carbonated

This cider was on the sour side, though not as much as some other sour ciders