3 Pommes

3 Pommes

3.0 1 rating
6.9% Dry
Pear Quince
Added: August, 2019

Alpenfire's 3 Pommes, an expression of Estate Cider Apples, Perry Pears, Wild Pears, and Quince. Intense Flavors of traditional perry pears, floral quince, and bittersweets apples combine to make this distinctive heritage cider. Subtle acidity, petilant carbonation create a sizzle on the tongue, while the pears lingering sweetness and the astrengency of bittersweet apples balance everything out.


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August, 2019
724 ratings
Dry Bottle Still

I unfortunately left this bottle in our fridge for a very long time and I think it must have lost all of its carbonation. The flavor was pretty good, but it was totally still. Carbonation would have made it much better.