Strawberry Haze

Strawberry Haze
2 Towns Ciderhouse

4.0 2 ratings
5.5% Sweet
Strawberry Rhubarb Seasonal
Added: May, 2019

Sweet & tart, Strawberry Haze puts a spell on you with Oregon totem strawberries grown just miles from the Ciderhouse. Finished with crimson red rhubarb for a little bite that makes this cider so good, you'll be acting funny and wanting to kiss the sky!


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August, 2019
4 ratings

Mostly strawberry, a little tartness. Not bitter or overly dry. Almost juice like. Drink it cold on a hot day.
May, 2019
714 ratings
Sweet Bottle Slightly carbonated

Lot's of strawberry flavor with a little bit of tartness from the rhubarb. Don't worry if you don't like rhubarb, you won't taste it very much. A light drink perfect for spring and summer.